Opera singer

who the fuck are yekmo

that's YELMO mate. we are 3 musicians, who met on the live music circuit in 2016. 


cool...where ARE YOU

Originally studied music on the south coast and London, and performed extensively throughout the UK and in Europe, now based in South London.


When did you start to yelmo?

Why does it matter, let's talk about you!

We are here to make your music sound fucking amazing.


 We are not important and you're not here to work out our history, you just want to know what we can do for you right?


You may have hired a producer for your music in the past. When you hire Yelmo music, you get a team of musicians, producers and engineers to work with. The core team have almost every instrument you could need covered, but we have a group of musicians we can call on for when your project needs something extra. Need live drums? A brass section? We can arrange it. Want to bounce your ideas off a whole team instead of just one producer? We’re here for you.